Wednesday, February 16, 2011

to BlOg or not to BlOg...

Aisha wants to do some blogging but she is not well-understand how to get started so she asked her best friend, Damia.

Aisha : are blogger...are you?

Damia : Yeah... I am. Why?

Aisha : Well...actually I just started to do some blogging. However, I don't know anything about blogging. How to do it? How to get started? How do you do it? Is it hard?

Damia : It is as simple as ABC...But first let me tell you about blogging. Do you wanna know it?

Aisha : Yeah....I'm quite overwhelming to know more about this...

Damia : For your information, 'blog' is short for weblog, which is a frequently-updated online journal that shows entries in reverse chronological order.

Aisha : I'm already know about it. Tell me something else.

Damia :'s fine with me. 'Blogging', which is a new kind of journalism, means writing a personal journal that is publicly accessible on the Web. Blogging is an unique technology that gives everyone the ability to publish their own editorial content without having to be a professional journalist.

Aisha : I can write it like that?

Damia : can post anything you like or what is in your mind. There are no publisher to please, and your personality can shine through without restrictions.Did you know that?

Aisha : Wow... I didn't know that by blogging itself can bias the personality since it is inexpensive and easy. Ain't it?

Damia : Since it is inexpensive and easy, it is also popular to the crowd. All you needed is a simple blogging software, and no technical skills are required. Typically, blogs contain hyperlinks to other websites, adding to their value.

Aisha : Hmm...that's a lot of information for me.

Damia : I think that's all for the starter. If you wanna know more regarding blog, you can meet me at my room. I must attend class right now.

Aisha : Thanks for your helps.

Damia : It's my pleasure.
by Azizi and Hisyam

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