Thursday, March 3, 2011

How to Look Hot in Glasses

Glasses are often considered a burden, and are stereotypically a dead give away of the geek. However, glasses can be a super sexy addition to your face if the correct pair are chosen and worn with confidence.

  • choose the right pair of glasses: choosing the right pair of glasses is the most important step. Many people who do not want to wear their glasses will choose a pair that is small or rimless, which they think makes them less visible. DO NOT DO THIS. if you are going to wear glasses, use them to make a statement. Often a pair of bold square rimmed black glasses with a thick sturdy frame is a good choice. It goes with many facial shapes and despite what one might think, they look really good on most people. Don't not buy glasses that have patterns on the rims, they almost always look terrible. Solid colors is always the way to go, with most people choosing black. However white or even red can sometimes work.
  • wear your glasses with confidence. Do not repeatedly push them up your nose! Make sure your pair fits snuggly to ensure this. You may want to consider alternating between contacts and glasses, it gives people a chance to see that the glasses are not a permanent part of your face, but rather a fashion choice. They'll respect you more for it. Also, wearing them in the evening or early morning with pajamas, tends to be very sexy. In the end you have to carry yourself like the glasses are worth a compliment. Chances are, that's true.

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