Sunday, April 10, 2011

cultural activities are important to mankind

In some countries, the educational systems are only based on fixed curriculum with a number of books and learning materials that most people consider them as insufficient or restrictive for the student’s comprehension skills and imaginations. Although it is now believed that today’s the best educational systems constitute not only a curriculum but also extra-curricular social or cultural activities which have many advantages like increase in sociability, learning new things and better motivation for school, it is yet underestimated in some countries.

The first advantage of cultural activities is the increase in sociability which is a crucial ability for personal development and an important criteria for job interviews. People’s ability to make friends or to become a part of a group fuels self-confidence and creates a better atmosphere of liability among people.

The second advantage of cultural activities is learning new things. For instance, learning about cultural differences by becoming friends with people who are foreigners will create a better understanding of differences mutually. This also can be regarded as a perfect examination about their sociability

The third advantage of cultural activities concerns better motivation for school. Due to the fact that people will spend some time on extra-curricular activities in addition to school works, as a result, they will feel motivated, emotionally better and ready to take the challenge of studying a variety of different subjects in school.

In conclusion, there are numerous advantages of participating in cultural activities concerning sociability, the increase in people’s knowledge about new things and their motivation for the hardships of life. Hence, people should be encouraged to participate in activites which are different than their studies in order to create a better-adjusted, motivated societies.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

public universities vs private universities

Many students find themselves faced with a dilemma over where to go to college---a public or a private university? Students looking for advice on which to choose would be wise to consider all advantages and disadvantages of attending one type over the other. Here are some advantages of attending a public state university:

Save Money
Probably the biggest advantage to going to a public state university is its financial allure. Public universities often have lower tuition than private universities because public universities receive some funding from their state, while private universities derive almost all of their money from tuition. If the student resides in the state in which the public university is located, or resides in a state that has a reciprocity agreement with that university, the student will be able to take advantage of in-state tuition prices. This can add up to considerable savings---for example, 2009-2010 tuition and fees at the public University of Massachusetts at Amherst for Massachusetts residents are $11,372, but that same Massachusetts resident would pay $40,256 in tuition and fees for the upcoming academic year at the nearby private Mount Holyoke college. By going to the public university, then, the student would save almost $30,000 per year, or $120,000 over a four-year education.

More Students
In general, public state universities are larger and enroll more students than private universities. A larger pool of students at a university means a larger pool of potential friends. Though some students worry about "fitting in" and finding their place at a larger university, the higher number of students at a public state university actually provides first-year students with more opportunities to find friends, because the larger university will probably offer more student groups and ways to get involved with other students than the smaller one.

More Activities
Along with enrolling more students, public state universities often offer more activities for students than smaller private universities. For example, the public Pennsylvania State University has 778 registered student organizations as of November 2009, including a knitting activism club and a Harry Potter fan club group that organizes annual Quidditch games. The nearby Lafayette College, which is private, offers around 200 student organizations.

More Alumni
One of the biggest benefits to a newly minted college graduate is his school's alumni network. Alumni can help other alumni or students at their alma mater find jobs, get into graduate schools, or simply answer questions about a specific field or profession. Going to a public state school means that the student will have access to that school's alumni network, which is often more extensive than a smaller private school's network.

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Thursday, March 3, 2011

How to Look Hot in Glasses

Glasses are often considered a burden, and are stereotypically a dead give away of the geek. However, glasses can be a super sexy addition to your face if the correct pair are chosen and worn with confidence.

  • choose the right pair of glasses: choosing the right pair of glasses is the most important step. Many people who do not want to wear their glasses will choose a pair that is small or rimless, which they think makes them less visible. DO NOT DO THIS. if you are going to wear glasses, use them to make a statement. Often a pair of bold square rimmed black glasses with a thick sturdy frame is a good choice. It goes with many facial shapes and despite what one might think, they look really good on most people. Don't not buy glasses that have patterns on the rims, they almost always look terrible. Solid colors is always the way to go, with most people choosing black. However white or even red can sometimes work.
  • wear your glasses with confidence. Do not repeatedly push them up your nose! Make sure your pair fits snuggly to ensure this. You may want to consider alternating between contacts and glasses, it gives people a chance to see that the glasses are not a permanent part of your face, but rather a fashion choice. They'll respect you more for it. Also, wearing them in the evening or early morning with pajamas, tends to be very sexy. In the end you have to carry yourself like the glasses are worth a compliment. Chances are, that's true.

p/s**hot glasses in da house

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

How to Spin a Pencil Around Your Thumb

Have you ever watched somebody in class, or at the office skillfully twirl a pencil around his or her thumb and wondered how that person did it? Have you tried to do it on your own and found that it's not as easy as it looks? By following these steps and practicing - a lot - you can amaze curious onlookers with your brilliant pencil spinning, too!
  • Hold the pencil between your index, middle finger, and thumb. 
  • Simultaneously fold your middle finger in (at the joint closest to your hand) and extend your index finger. 
  • Catch the pencil after it wraps around your thumb and hits your middle finger, by moving your index finger back to its original position.

  • Practice this by holding the pencil in your non-dominant hand and guiding it around, so that you get a feel for how it should move  
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Monday, February 28, 2011

find yourself

Finding yourself is an enlightening experience. You become self-sufficient and do things for others without expectations of something in return. You are no longer needy and become utterly grateful for all the things people have done for you in the past. Finding yourself is a time of harmony because you develop that philosophy or belief system that will carry you throughout the rest of your life. When you love yourself and who you are, you will savor and enjoy both life's pain and pleasures.

How do you know you have found yourself? When you are able to help others find themselves. Finding yourself is not easy. If you have never felt connected to who you are, and you want to find whatever makes you you, being yourself will be hard. The first step is always the hardest, but after that hill, you will be smooth sailing to discovering who you are.

  • Create your own life's life timeline
  • Prepare to recommence with a clean slate
  • Let go of the need to be loved by all and accept that some people still think you stink
  • Learn to rely on yourself.  
  • Sort out your career path
  • Immerse yourself in solitude.
  • Ask yourself every question in the book
  • Keep a written record of your answers to the series of questions in the former step.
  • Act upon your newly discovered knowledge
  • Be ready for dead ends
  • Serve others. Mahatma Gandhi once said that "the best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others".  
  • You're never as bad or as good as people say.
  • Resist the urge to feel like you're the only one going through this. In Invisible Man, Ralph Ellison once summed this up well: All my life I had been looking for something, and everywhere I turned someone tried to tell me what it was. I accepted their answers too, though they were often in contradiction and even self-contradictory. I was naive. I was looking for myself and asking everyone except myself questions which I, and only I, could answer. It took me a long time and much painful boomeranging of my expectations to achieve a realization everyone else appears to have been born with: that I am nobody but myself.
  • Although it's a cliche, the term Be yourself really does count when it comes to finding yourself. Make sure no one influences who you are; by all means listen to others and learn from them but let the final choices, decisions, and acceptances be your own. If you simply capitulate to what others think, it will make finding yourself even harder since people are influencing who you think you are.
  • Don't be afraid to sleep on it. There's no hurry in making decisions, and you'll be more likely to make good ones if your mind is calm and rested.
  • Be forgiving and learn to let go.
find!!find!! please find yourself...

Sunday, February 27, 2011


Frown and you frown alone, but smile and the whole world smiles with you. Not just any smile will do, though. With 19 variations on the smile, including 16 produced by enjoyable emotions,smiling is an incredibly important part of our lives. If you're looking to develop a genuine, infectious smile that can make a bad date turn good, seal a business deal, or help you make friends wherever you go, this article will help you on your way. It's fun, fast, and easy! But best of all, it's a natural way to make yourself and others feel really good.

  • Opportunities for smiling are all around you. Make the most of them.
  • You don't need perfect teeth to have a perfect smile. Not everybody has perfect teeth, and that's okay. Beautiful teeth are nice, but a great smile doesn't depend on standard model's teeth. That said, if you feel uncomfortable about your teeth you may be reluctant to smile, and that's no good. If that's the case, either learn to appreciate your individuality or look into cosmetic dentistry procedures. Or, you could smile with your mouth closed if preferred.
  • Wear clothes that smile. Add to your positive body language the color of happiness. Yellow is the color for dependability. A soft yellow is non-threatening and friendly. Warm colors from the yellow family are welcoming. Golds, browns, golden-oranges, are all dependable colors of friendship. Blues are passive and calm colors. In the visual language, soft blues project a serenity and quiet peacefulness. Avoid reds that are come across as aggressive and threatening.
  • You've probably heard of "contagious" or "infectious" smiles. There's a reason for this – when you smile, it tends to make others around you smile. Even in the most stressful times, a roomful of smiles can brighten everybody's mood.
  • Ever laugh hysterically about something you've just seen? Take that memory but just laugh slightly and now you have a natural pretty smile.
  • A lot of men feel uncomfortable about smiling at strangers, especially at other males. If that is the case, then just offer a casual "Hi", or "Hey man!", or "What's goin' on?". It works just as well, and feels less awkward for a lot of guys.
  • Try a light smile: don't show as many teeth as you would when you're laughing. It's the best smile for flirting - light and seductive.
  • If you have a tooth that pokes out a bit at the side, as many people sometimes do, try to get your lip to go above it so your lip doesn't catch on the tooth when you smile.
  • Don't compare yourself to the celebrities you see on TV, in pictures, etc., because they are faking it. Instead, be yourself, be natural, and be genuine. Everybody has a smile waiting to burst out from inside them somewhere!
  • Pretend like you're laughing when you're smiling.
p/s*smile! smile! say cheese!!!

    Saturday, February 26, 2011

    How to Be a Lazy College Student

    To become a lazy college student, one must first obtain a mind of absolute rest.
    Try learning how to meditate or learn how to waste a day completely first.
    Remember and always remembers........
    A lazy, stressed student is not a happy lazy student.
    • Before commencing school, gather up resources to help you fall back upon.
    • The larger the school, the easier it will be to keep your grades up without doing much actual work
    • Consider majoring in communications or secondary education.
    • Consider investing in a recording device.
    • Cram before going to bed and on the way to school
    • While in class, try practicing (or learning) some pen tricks or try writing with your bad hand
    • If all fails, and you are working, the best thing to do is to poke your friends so they can't concentrate, it's always a good idea to have someone go down with you
    • Become addicted to a MMORPG (massive multiplayer online role-playing game) like runescape, guild wars, or world of warcraft
    • College is not the be all, end all of a happy, peaceful life. There are many things you can do, if only you would allow yourself to think about them. Remember, most of the things you want to do can be done in this lifetime.
    • Choose classes that are interesting to you. This is important! Not every class that sounds easy will be easy!
    • A school that is close to your residence helps a lot.
    • Only take classes from untenured assistant professors. They are scared to death of their student evaluations and grade easier. Most school catalogues have the professor's rank.
    • Don't spread out your classes too much, you might be forced to study in between breaks!
    p/s* I find this quite interesting to apply in my daily life