Saturday, January 29, 2011

Skimming - The art of Reading

Skimming refers to the process of quickly identifying the main ideas within a passage to get an overall impression of its content. Skimming is done at a speed three to four times faster than normal reading. People often skim when they have lots of material to read in in a limited amount of time. You can also skim when you want to see if an article is relevant to your research.

>>Tips for Better Skimming
*when skimming for the information, you glance at or read a document or report quickly, noting only the main points.
*some people read the first and last paragraphs using headings, summaries and other organisers as they move down the page or screen.
*read the headings, sub-headings and illustrations
*when you are seeking for specific information, consider reading the first sentence of each paragraph rather than reading for comprehension
*skimming works well for finding dates as well as names of people and places. It is also useful for reviewing graphs, tables, and charts.
*Take note of any italicised or boldfaced words or phrases.

Below is the example of applying skimming during reading process :

The article above telling us about the steps to surviving infestation during the event of zombie attack. It stated that it comes with 3 ways, which are
1. avoidance
2. termination
3. disposal


Celebrities as Zombies3 Celebrities as Zombies

 in this very first steps, it divided into four ways like:
1.evacuate all the family members and essential small valuables only
2.relocate to your assigned area quickly not engage with the goddam zombie the event of must do like suggested in the article


Celebrities as Zombies6 Celebrities as Zombies
Celebrities as Zombies8 Celebrities as Zombies!!!

 this step only applied if you are in an unsecured location, and only if you have positively identified a zombie. termination of zombie can be done in various steps like:
1.cerebral neutralization....the most effective ways in terminating a zombie mass....suitable for stopping or slowing down targeted zombie. NOT an effective termination method.
3.lower extremities can also be applied in stopping or slowing down the zombie.


Celebrities as Zombies11 Celebrities as Zombies
twinkle2...little star...hmm....
Celebrities as Zombies12 Celebrities as Zombies

 after terminating the zombie(s), mark the perimeter using "TAPE & TAG" style. beware!!!do not incinerate the zombie because it releases airborne toxins which could spread infection.

 this informations is provided by Zombie Emergency Response Operations : Information Branch should know right know that skimming can ease the burden of reading. Until next time....dadadidudu........

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Dress to ease Stress

Researchers discovered that what you wear is how you feel. Did you believe this statement. It seems that even dressing could bring happiness and joy towards our life. Well...I admitted that me myself like to dress up to gain some confidence. I never ever thought that dressing could also ease the stress that we contained. How overwhelming it is? How far it is affecting our life? Why? seems like there a million of questions still to be asked than providing an answer. Some say that dressing is just for impressing only not more than that. Others say it just for needs. The moral? Dress to ease stress, not just to impress.

Saturday, January 22, 2011


The Concept of 1Malaysia aspires to strengthen relationships among races and
ensures Malaysians sow the seed of unity as enshrined in the National Principles.
Mutual trust and respect among races needs to exist in order to sow the spirit of
unity. People must understand and practise things that place national interests as


All races must assume that everything must be shared and make sure that no
community or race lags from enjoying development and protection from the

It is hoped that these noble values will unite Malaysians in mind and action as a goal
for one nation. Through 1Malaysia, no one will feel alienated because everyone
belongs to one race, the Malaysian race, which has the same goals and aspirations to
develop the country.

In creating a unified national race in a multi-racial country like Malaysia in this era of
globalization, it is imperative that we allow free and fast flow of not just information,
capital and people but also value systems, cultures and beliefs from different
countries. The ability to build a unified national race depends on the sharing of the
values of integrity, ability, dedication and loyalty.

Therefore, all Malaysians must embrace the main principles of 1Malaysia, which
espouse togetherness, and sense of belonging to make this concept a resounding success..........

That's what the article said about 1Malaysia. For me personally, this concept have its own advantages and disadvantages. 'Race lag' can be prohibited perhaps...that's all that I wanna comment...I don't want to be kept by ISA..this is my limited power when using blogging....see you next time....

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Digital Photography - Art or Fraud?

Nowadays, many commercial artists, photojournalists, and creators of cartoons, book covers, and billboards use photo editing software to altering photographs. FYI with this 'awesome' software, an artist can convert photographs to a digital form that can be colorized, stretched, squeezed, texturized, or otherwise is being altered.

How awful it is? me personally believe that it is wrong to alter the content of a photograph in any seems like deceiveing the public. Isn't it? Yet, some insist that teh extent to which a photo "deceives the public" is in the eye of the beholder...what a wreck!!! is it ethical to alter digital photographs?

let's say if some alteration is accepted, can photographic integrity still be guaranteed? now, in this very minutes....arises this 'killer' question...I let you the readers(?) to decide which one is right or wrong......


example of digital photograph

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Can Computer Think?

Since the dawn of the computing age, people have wondered if a computer ever would be capable of thought. As computer processors and software become more powerful, the question is more hotly debated.

But, computer lack at least two essential components of human thinking - common sense and emotion. yeah...I admitted that computers can consider millions of chess moves a second, but humans have the common sense to recognize that some moves are not worthy of consideration.So, here goes my question...can computers think?why or why not? If computer cannot think now, might they be able to think in the next few decade?Why?How really important is emotion in the ability to think?

People who believes that the computer can think argue that, if a person had a conversation with a computer and was convinced the computer was really human, then the computer is really intelligent. this criteria is known as the Turing Test, named after British mathematician Alan Turing who proposed the test in 1950...on the contrary..the person who cannot read nor write the language really does not understand it, any more than a brainless computer really can think..can it??see u again for next issue........

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Language for Soup

Do you know that learning another language is quite interesting...
besides from the knowledge about the language you also can see the hidden culture behind their words....
seriously....I tell you...this is not some joke or 'laugh gag of the day'....
you see by mastering other people will help you to advance your profesionalisme...

me myself had learn many languages...not many languages lah...but a few...hehehe(FYI)

now, I'm wanna share with you about French language...

it means that lets learn french language..
French language or Francais in their own words is quite well-known around the world. This language is the second language being used after the English language...

some say this language is 'language of love' because of their unique rythm. For example "je t'aime". Doesn't it sound lovely? Ain't it?
Others people say this language is also suitable for using 'extremely harsh' word???

so, in the nutshell, learning language is fun. It takes courage and dedication to go through with it!!!

Merci beaucoup........(>_<)


Sunday, January 9, 2011

usual language in Korean movies

since most of my time I have done with watching movies
especially korean movies....
so I'm gladly wanna list some(perhaps)  usual languange in Korean movies....
here it go.................

Unnie - How a female addresses an older sister or older female she is close to.
Noona - How a male addresses an older sister or older female he is close to.
Noonim - More respectful form of Noona.
Oppa - How a female addresses an older brother or older male she is close to (including boyfriends).
Hyung - How a male addresses an older brother or older male he is close to.
Hyungnim – More respectful form of Hyung.
Sunbae - How a student/worker/member addresses a more senior student/worker/member.
Hoobae - How a student/worker/member addresses a more junior student/worker/member.
Agassi/Agasshi – How one addresses a young lady.
Ajumma - How one might address an older, usually married woman.
Ajussi/Ajusshi – How one might address a man (like Mister).
Aigoo - Basically a verbal sigh.

that's all that I got all the long way since I done watching the movies.....LOL

Saturday, January 8, 2011

is this called FATE???

first, we are born in the same galaxy....
born of the same species...
perhaps our lifetimes overlap....
the meetings between human are so likely as to be miraculous....
to laugh...
to cry...
and to fall in love...
everyone is made up of a collection of 1 percent chances...
thus, I'm dazzled by the fact that there are so many such miracles in this world...

Friday, January 7, 2011

Common sense

what is common sense actually...
what's a lack of common sense?
being different from the other people?
I guess I really doesn't have any then....
I guess I have less than anyone....
but even if somebody have no common sense their live maybe an unwavering life....
after all, that's the real way of living!


finally coming to understand your trueself......
the real you...deep inside.....
pretty cool.....isn't it ?
then, what's common sense, anyway??