Sunday, January 16, 2011

Can Computer Think?

Since the dawn of the computing age, people have wondered if a computer ever would be capable of thought. As computer processors and software become more powerful, the question is more hotly debated.

But, computer lack at least two essential components of human thinking - common sense and emotion. yeah...I admitted that computers can consider millions of chess moves a second, but humans have the common sense to recognize that some moves are not worthy of consideration.So, here goes my question...can computers think?why or why not? If computer cannot think now, might they be able to think in the next few decade?Why?How really important is emotion in the ability to think?

People who believes that the computer can think argue that, if a person had a conversation with a computer and was convinced the computer was really human, then the computer is really intelligent. this criteria is known as the Turing Test, named after British mathematician Alan Turing who proposed the test in 1950...on the contrary..the person who cannot read nor write the language really does not understand it, any more than a brainless computer really can think..can it??see u again for next issue........

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