Saturday, January 22, 2011


The Concept of 1Malaysia aspires to strengthen relationships among races and
ensures Malaysians sow the seed of unity as enshrined in the National Principles.
Mutual trust and respect among races needs to exist in order to sow the spirit of
unity. People must understand and practise things that place national interests as


All races must assume that everything must be shared and make sure that no
community or race lags from enjoying development and protection from the

It is hoped that these noble values will unite Malaysians in mind and action as a goal
for one nation. Through 1Malaysia, no one will feel alienated because everyone
belongs to one race, the Malaysian race, which has the same goals and aspirations to
develop the country.

In creating a unified national race in a multi-racial country like Malaysia in this era of
globalization, it is imperative that we allow free and fast flow of not just information,
capital and people but also value systems, cultures and beliefs from different
countries. The ability to build a unified national race depends on the sharing of the
values of integrity, ability, dedication and loyalty.

Therefore, all Malaysians must embrace the main principles of 1Malaysia, which
espouse togetherness, and sense of belonging to make this concept a resounding success..........

That's what the article said about 1Malaysia. For me personally, this concept have its own advantages and disadvantages. 'Race lag' can be prohibited perhaps...that's all that I wanna comment...I don't want to be kept by ISA..this is my limited power when using blogging....see you next time....

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